About us

Meowzing was created to provide ladies with an unconventional product that allows her to feel confident in her body without feeling the need to be provocative. It's her little secret that gives her the confidence in knowing that sexy means leaving a little something to the imagination. 


Originated in early 2015, Meowzing was founded to create a product for ladies that wanted something to allow herself to feel confident in her own skin. After sharing the ideals behind the product, these items became very in demand and girls immediately shared stories of how she had never been able to find quite the thing to make her feel truly herself. 

As requests came in, shop inventory expanded to make more in demand products in order to be more accommodating to each lady. Each design is inspired and named after a particular person as each are made unique. This shop was created to defy beauty standards by being one of the first few small shops to make delicate intimates for larger busted women as well as ladies on the very petite end of the spectrum. Although items are listed by size, since products are not pre-stocked, each buyer may include her sizing and measurements in her order notes as each item is made to order.

In order to maintain consistent pricing, lace is subject to change according to supplier costs, however this ensures that not too many bras are much like any other. In order to find the perfect hue, most colors are custom hand dyed, which also makes every batch slightly different from one another.

While the designs stay the same externally, the brand is constantly evolving internally. The quality of the product is always being improved as constructive criticism is evaluated. These intimates are made by the customer and for the customer and this brand will always be striving for satisfaction.